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 Latest custom dog tank I designed for a young lady having a bachelorette party and wanted her pup to be dressed for the occasion! Turned out so cute!

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Brave Angel is a strong believer in green living and environmentally friendly practices. The Brave Angel Shop is one of the only (the few & proud) screen printed clothing shops, that practices sustainable screen printing methods. We use water-based inks versus toxic plastisol.

The use of water-based ink almost eliminates VOC’s in the printing/reclaiming methods and the need for any chemicals or solvents. We reduce waste by utilizing efficient production & studio lay-out methods. We reuse our inks, paper, cardboard, screens, sponges & containers. We recycle paper, cardboard, metals & plastics. We aspire to go above & beyond when it comes to being environmentally responsible!

Brave Angel proudly offers a brand of high quality products and services that promote health & fitness…all business decisions are made on the basis of one and only mission…to help make a positive impact on the world.

Brave Angel offers motivational products & services, from the high-quality inspirational workout tanks, tees & hoodies, to the christian-inspired line of women’s workout gear, to the new line of pet apparel by Redemption Dog Clothing Co…all products offered to fulfill Brave Angel’s one & only mission, to reach out and motivate others to take on life with a positive outlook, start respecting their bodies, building self-confidence and self-image, and taking on any health & fitness goals with courage and determination. The Brave Angel Shop line of clothing is a high quality, classy yet fashionable, versatile and functional brand. Each shirt design is made by hand, screen-printed by hand, and produced using only the most earth-friendly methods (no plasticky harmful inks or chemical cleaning methods). Also, Brave Angel chooses only non-sweat shop certified manufacturers and offers the clothing at the most affordable price possible in hopes to make their brand available to all income levels.

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