October Barbell Challenge

Ready for a challenge this October? This challenge is perfect for those that have little-to-no equipment at home (because you can substitute dumbbells for the barbell!) and also for those who have gym memberships but never have a good workout routine when they finally make it to the gym. AND if you are getting bored with the same old workouts you’ve been doing for the past month, this challenge is a GREAT way to spice it up in the gym!

We’re going to keep it REALLY simple and easy to do this challenge because I know you all don’t have a lot of extra time on your plates.

October’s Dumbbell/Barbell Strong & Fit Challenge:

Here are your guidelines:

  1. Every Sunday I will post your Upper Body & Lower Body Workout Routine for the week
  2. Every Sunday, I will also post the workout schedule for that upcoming week
  3. Every week YOU will do the Upper Body & Lower Body workouts, plus 1-2 cardio workout sessions
  4. If you’re working out at home you will need:
    1. an exercise mat
    2. a set of 5, 10, 15, and 20 lb dumbbells or a barbell with enough weight to hit 40 lbs.
    3. you can also use Kettlebells if you wish
    4. jump rope
    5. step bench or a bench (for doing bench presses)
    6. stop watch or use the stop watch app on your phone
  5. If you’re working out at the gym:
    1. Make sure you know where the above mentioned fitness equipment is!

That’s it. Just 3 steps to getting started. Make sure you follow this blog so that you get the weekly Sunday emails (this week’s email will be sent out tomorrow so that you can get started on October 1st). Print out each week’s post and pin that print out up on your refrigerator so that you have your week’s workout schedule and routines in an easily visible spot and as a daily reminder.

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Yours Truly,

Brave Angel

Day 29 WOD – #power

30 Day Fat Fryer Challenge

HIIT this workout like it’s your job! It’s Day 29, so give this at-home exercise routine all you’ve got. Remember, these workouts take only as little as 12 minutes of your day. They are High Intensity Interval Training routines, that help boost metabolism, burn fat and get you on track to achieving your weight loss goals (or strengthening & toning goals….getting lean & slim….feeling strong & powerful goals, basically, these workouts are designed to help you get physically fit!).

You’ve got the option of HIIT’ing this workout for 12 minutes, or up to 20 minutes by either doing 3 rounds (12 minutes), 4 rounds (16 minutes), or 5 full rounds (20 minutes) of the 4 exercise moves targeting your core and upper body.

Then, of course, give the bonus round a shot!

Day 28 WOD – #cardio

30 Day Fat Fryer Challenge

It’s cardio time! This workout is designed to get your heart rate pumping while also hitting the core muscles at the end for a little bonus!

Go ALL OUT during the cardio section, and take note that it says you can choose to do 3-5 rounds of the circuit. That means this first section (cardio section) can be a 12 minute – 20 minute workout depending upon the number of rounds you choose to do!

We are on Day 28, so try and push yourself to do just one extra round at least! Either way, I’m proud of you for making the commitment to workout today. So enjoy this workout and pat yourself on the back when you are done!!!!

Day 27 WOD – #liftheavy

30 Day Fat Fryer Challenge

Today’s WOD focuses on lifting heavy. This is primarily a lower body workout, targeting your abs, bum, quads & hams (thighs). Watch your form! Sit back into your squats and tighten your abs as you execute each exercise move. You will be performing each move for 30 seconds of your all-out effort, so make sure to choose a weight that really challenges you for the entire 30 seconds.

Day 26 WOD – #ripped

30 Day Fat Fryer Challenge

Today’s WOD, Day 26, is going to really challenge your upper body. Your core muscles come into play a lot during this workout also. For example, the first exercise move (called “Thrusters”) activates your core muscles by using them as stabilizer muscles as you sit down into the squat and then explode up to an overhead press position. A full body move, such as the “Thrusters”, is actually better at helping you achieve your goal of, let’s say, ‘a flat tummy’, than your basic ab crunches because, (A) full body moves recruit more muscles therefore giving you an afterburn effect (called EPOC, helps you burn more calories long after you’ve left the gym), and (B) helps build lean muscle mass (don’t worry ladies, this doesn’t mean you’ll get bulky, it just means that by increasing your lean muscle mass you’re increasing your basal metabolic rate (your body will burn more calories daily) & this helps your body burn more fat! Woohoo! Lean muscle mass will help you slim down and get that toned, lean & trim look.

So remember, just because a workout doesn’t have any ab exercise moves, such as crunches, doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to be effective at helping you get abs! It could actually be MORE effective than just doing crunches all day long. HIIT the workout below hard to achieve E.P.O.C. (afterburn effect) today! Execute each move with good form and dedication to the workout and also for achieving optimal health & wellness!

Day 25 WOD – #fitjunkie

30 Day Fat Fryer Challenge

You have now become #fitjunkies! This last and final week of the challenge, I want you to push yourself to eek out as many reps/interval as possible, lift heavier weights, execute each rep for it’s full range of motion (i.e. push ups), and really focus on your form.

This WOD is a tad different than what you are used to. It’s only a 20 second interval (with 10 seconds rest as usual). What does this mean? It means that you really push hard during that 20 seconds. Adding weight to these moves will help increase the burn and intensity, which is imperative in high intensity interval training! Add weight by holding a medicine ball or a couple 3-5 pound dumbbells. Remember, stay focused but also have fun with it!

Day 24 WOD – #burpees

30 Day Fat Fryer Challenge

We are down to the final seven days of our challenge, so give this workout everything you’ve got! Day 24 WOD is a 100 rep challenge, there are only three exercises in this 100 rep challenge so that you can really aim to execute each rep of each move with the best form possible. Again, if you are going to do just a 12 minute workout today, see how many reps you can complete in 4 minutes for each of the three exercise moves. Now, ready…set…go!

Day 22 WOD – #flexfriday

30 Day Fat Fryer Challenge

We are almost down to our final week of the 30 Day Challenge, and we are going to HIIT it hard in this final week and go out with a BANG!

After today’s workout, WOD 22, you will have exercised for 6 days in a row this week! Congratulations on making it through these last six days, your body needs some rest! Tomorrow, Day 23 of the challenge, is a rest day. Be active, do some housework or gardening. Walk the dog, WALK not run, the dog…go shopping for a workout shirt or fun gear to add to your workout wardrobe. ENJOY your day FULLY, you earned it!

Today’s challenge is a 100 rep challenge in honor of it being #flexfriday. FORM is key here, so take your time, and, when needed, pause to gather your strength and then carry on to finish those 100 reps.

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Day 21 WOD – #bodsquad

30 Day Fat Fryer Challenge

Less than 10 days to go! I will be SO sad when our challenge is over, but luckily I have something wonderful in store for all of my followers. I will be announcing it at the end of the 30 Day Challenge, so make sure you stay tuned!

Day 21’s WOD is pumping it up a bit! You have two bonus round options this time. You can do 3 rounds of the 4 minute circuit (for a 12 minute workout)….OR you can do an additional 1-2 rounds of the 4 minute circuit (making it a 16-20 minute workout)….THEN you can do the final bonus option! You choose, it’s your day and your workout, so take on the challenge and know that you are improving every day!

Remember, form is more important than getting through the entire interval. If you feel yourself losing form, PAUSE, take a quick break, and jump right back into it!