20 Day Kettlebell Challenge

November’s Challenge

20 Days of Kettlebells

Starting today, Monday November 10th, is the 20 Day Kettlebell Challenge. This will keep you fit and motivated throughout the Thanksgiving Holiday (and hopefully help get you through all the temptations that the holiday season brings!).

If you have never used kettlebells before, don’t worry. The exercises that you do with kettlebells is VERY similar to what you do with dumbbells. If you can’t figure out form or a specific exercise, just youtube it!

The 20 Day Kettlebell Challenge will work like this….

  1. Get a set of 10’s, 15’s and 20 pound kettlebells – or just use the ones at your gym
  2. Make sure you are subscribed to this blog so you receive the workouts via email
  3. Pin the workouts to a board on your Pinterest account so that you can easily access it when you are working out
  4. I will be posting two workouts every other day. For example, I will post Monday & Tuesday’s workouts on Monday…and I will post Wednesday and Thursday’s workouts on Wednesday. So be sure to check your email for the workouts every other day!
  5. Eat clean, train dirty: Try to eat unprocessed whole foods and avoid alcohol and binge eating on pumpkin pie!

Here are your first two workouts for Monday & Tuesday!

Monday – Upper Body Kettlebell Workout:

 Upper Body Workout - Monday
Upper Body Workout – Monday

Tuesday – Lower Body Workout

 Lower Body Workout - Tuesday
Lower Body Workout – Tuesday

After completing the kettlebell portion of the workout, attempt to do 10 minutes of cardio either running outdoors or on the elliptical, treadmill or stair climber at your gym. Try to do intense interval training cardio for 10 minutes (50 seconds maximum effort with 10 seconds recovery, repeat 10 times for a total of 10 minutes).

Good Luck!!

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