Day 29 WOD – #power

30 Day Fat Fryer Challenge

HIIT this workout like it’s your job! It’s Day 29, so give this at-home exercise routine all you’ve got. Remember, these workouts take only as little as 12 minutes of your day. They are High Intensity Interval Training routines, that help boost metabolism, burn fat and get you on track to achieving your weight loss goals (or strengthening & toning goals….getting lean & slim….feeling strong & powerful goals, basically, these workouts are designed to help you get physically fit!).

You’ve got the option of HIIT’ing this workout for 12 minutes, or up to 20 minutes by either doing 3 rounds (12 minutes), 4 rounds (16 minutes), or 5 full rounds (20 minutes) of the 4 exercise moves targeting your core and upper body.

Then, of course, give the bonus round a shot!

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