Day 26 WOD – #ripped

30 Day Fat Fryer Challenge

Today’s WOD, Day 26, is going to really challenge your upper body. Your core muscles come into play a lot during this workout also. For example, the first exercise move (called “Thrusters”) activates your core muscles by using them as stabilizer muscles as you sit down into the squat and then explode up to an overhead press position. A full body move, such as the “Thrusters”, is actually better at helping you achieve your goal of, let’s say, ‘a flat tummy’, than your basic ab crunches because, (A) full body moves recruit more muscles therefore giving you an afterburn effect (called EPOC, helps you burn more calories long after you’ve left the gym), and (B) helps build lean muscle mass (don’t worry ladies, this doesn’t mean you’ll get bulky, it just means that by increasing your lean muscle mass you’re increasing your basal metabolic rate (your body will burn more calories daily) & this helps your body burn more fat! Woohoo! Lean muscle mass will help you slim down and get that toned, lean & trim look.

So remember, just because a workout doesn’t have any ab exercise moves, such as crunches, doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to be effective at helping you get abs! It could actually be MORE effective than just doing crunches all day long. HIIT the workout below hard to achieve E.P.O.C. (afterburn effect) today! Execute each move with good form and dedication to the workout and also for achieving optimal health & wellness!

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