Day 22 WOD – #flexfriday

30 Day Fat Fryer Challenge

We are almost down to our final week of the 30 Day Challenge, and we are going to HIIT it hard in this final week and go out with a BANG!

After today’s workout, WOD 22, you will have exercised for 6 days in a row this week! Congratulations on making it through these last six days, your body needs some rest! Tomorrow, Day 23 of the challenge, is a rest day. Be active, do some housework or gardening. Walk the dog, WALK not run, the dog…go shopping for a workout shirt or fun gear to add to your workout wardrobe. ENJOY your day FULLY, you earned it!

Today’s challenge is a 100 rep challenge in honor of it being #flexfriday. FORM is key here, so take your time, and, when needed, pause to gather your strength and then carry on to finish those 100 reps.

P.S. if you don’t have time to get out to the store to buy yourself some women’s workout clothing, check out Brave Angel’s shop! We are adding new motivational workout shirts daily, we use eco-conscious screen printing methods and get our textiles from non-sweat shop certified manufacturers!

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