Day 21 WOD – #bodsquad

30 Day Fat Fryer Challenge

Less than 10 days to go! I will be SO sad when our challenge is over, but luckily I have something wonderful in store for all of my followers. I will be announcing it at the end of the 30 Day Challenge, so make sure you stay tuned!

Day 21’s WOD is pumping it up a bit! You have two bonus round options this time. You can do 3 rounds of the 4 minute circuit (for a 12 minute workout)….OR you can do an additional 1-2 rounds of the 4 minute circuit (making it a 16-20 minute workout)….THEN you can do the final bonus option! You choose, it’s your day and your workout, so take on the challenge and know that you are improving every day!

Remember, form is more important than getting through the entire interval. If you feel yourself losing form, PAUSE, take a quick break, and jump right back into it!

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