Day 20 WOD – #absonfire – 30 Day Fat Fryer

The final countdown begins!

Just 10 days left in our 30 day challenge!

Day 20 WOD will light your abs on fire. It’s another great HIIT workout for you to add to your calendars and exercise logs!

We are putting together something fantastic!

Inspired by and requested by our followers and readers. It’s a simple 30 day plan called “How Abs Are Made: Your Full-Proof Plan To Getting Abs”. An important note: this plan will not only help you get abs, but it will improve your overall fitness, help decrease your body fat percentage, boost your energy levels & metabolism, and basically help you achieve those weight loss or health & fitness goals you’ve been trying to attain for years. Inspired by my followers who ask me how I stay strong, lean and energetic! Thank you followers! Stay tuned, because there is more to come!

Now let’s HIIT it! This WOD is abtastic!

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