Day 19 WOD – #trans4mation – 30 Day Fat Fryer

What’s your favorite workout move?

And…..what is your least favorite workout move? And what’s a workout move you don’t love, but you don’t hate, and get’s your heart rate sky high? Pair those three moves together, do each move for 50 seconds with 10 seconds rest in between moves. Do 6 sets of these three moves, and you’ve got a pretty good 18 minute workout.

To get and maintain a strong, lean & toned body you need to be able to put together your own workout routine on the fly, in case you’re on the go and need to workout but forgot to bring along your workout notebook! Some of the most hated exercise moves, give you “the best bang for your buck”, meaning they burn a lot of calories and make a good workout routine great. Examples: Burpees, Push ups, Pull ups, Chin ups, Jump Tucks, Pike Jumps, Jump Squats, Jump Lunges. Some of the most liked exercise moves give you the “least bang for your buck”, meaning they don’t really make an exercise routine good or bad, but rather just help with toning. Examples: Donkey kicks, bicep curls, leg extensions.

So what should I do when I’m on the go and need a workout routine?

Put your least favorite moves together in a workout with your most favorite moves and the product will most likely be a good workout routine that you won’t hate! The key is to make your workout routines somewhat enjoyable, so that you don’t suffer from burn-out, but at the same time, make your workout routines challenging enough that they get you the results you are working so hard to get!

Enough blabber, here is your Day 19 WOD….I’m SO proud of you all for making it this far!

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