Day 18 WOD – #gohard – 30 Day Fat Fryer

Take a look back in time….

Just eighteen days ago you may have not been able to even do one push up…now, you’re rocking out push-ups like it’s your job! Congrats, and remember, don’t focus on achieving perfection…focus on progress!

This workout is another doozie, a cardio doozie that is!

Since your leg muscles are the biggest and baddest muscles in your body, it’s a good idea to do exercise moves that require a lot of leg muscle action because you will increase your burn. And guess what? This workout has A LOT of leg action!

HIIT this first section of the routine hard, it’s called “High Intensity Interval Training” for a reason. Set your timer for 30 seconds on, and 10 seconds rest, and do three rounds of this six exercise move circuit. Then tackle the bonus round fearlessly! I plan on taking a 5k jog/sprint after this routine to boost my burn.

What are your plans for this WOD!?

Post your results below to enter into the contest to win a free Brave Angel workout shirt.

Rock on angels!

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