Day 14 WOD – #gymrat – 30 Day Fat Fryer Challenge

Welcome to Day #14, this marks two full weeks of accomplishments day-in and day-out!

Important: Don’t miss out on our first free prize we are handing out in honor of Day #15, which is the half-way point in our 30 day challenge. In order to qualify for the free prize, you must post a picture of your 30 Day Challenge Calendar on Facebook or Twitter. The 30 Day Challenge Calendar must be filled out, EVEN IF you missed a workout, IT IS okay! Just write an X in the day that you missed a workout. The point is this, keeping a journal or daily log of your workouts is a proven effective method to keep you on track with a fitness regimen.

So take a snapshot of your calendar with your phone, and post it on your Facebook or Twitter feed, just make sure to tag Brave Angel in your post so that we can enter you into the contest to win the first prize of our 30 Day Challenge! You must “Like” our Facebook Page and/or must be “Following” us on Twitter in order to tag us {you don’t have to post on both, just choose either Facebook or Twitter}.

So, what’s the prize?

A workout shirt of your choice from the Brave Angel Shop!!!!

Ok, now it’s time to HIIT it! Day 14 WOD targets your glutes, quads, hams and abs. It has the cardio – strength ratio required to get your heart rate & metabolism ramped up, so make sure to pat yourself on the back when you finish this puppy!

P.S. if you feel like your endurance & strength has improved, add weights! I hold or add weights for most moves to help kick it up a notch, just remember watch your form & posture!

One thought on “Day 14 WOD – #gymrat – 30 Day Fat Fryer Challenge”

  1. I’m going to try and hold my 15 pound kettlebells while I do the kick repeaters, and my fives while I do the star jumps. Anyone else adding in some weights in??


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