Day 13 WOD – #pushyourself – 30 Day Fat Fryer Challenge

Lucky #13 WOD time! Push yourself during this workout. We are thirteen days in, so your strength and endurance has improved by now, you should be able to do more reps, go harder for longer, and lift heavier weights. Make sure to push yourself to improve daily. With every workout, lift a heavier weight and push harder & for longer and try to eek out as many reps as possible with GREAT form during each interval or exercise.

Set your interval timer for 30 seconds work & 10 seconds rest, you will do three rounds of these six exercises [set your interval timer to run for 18 rounds]. This workout is meant to trim & tone those arms, abs and back so make sure you focus on squeezing those muscles as you do each rep! And hit the bonus round with all you’ve got.

Smile at a stranger today and give them a compliment, spread the love and you’ll feel the love back!

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