Day #4 – 30 Day Fat Fryer Challenge – #legday

Your upper body is probably crying for a leg day by now…..

So that’s just what you’re getting today! Do you know that including squats and lunges in your workouts are a great way to increase the burn while decreasing the amount of time you have to workout for? Compound movements such as squats and lunges hit numerous muscle groups as you perform multi-joint movements through a range of motion. When you use more muscle, you increase your lean muscle mass which helps increase your metabolism and burn more fat. And you only have to do a few compound moves per workout to get in a good burn; therefore decreasing your workout duration.

Today you will do 6 moves. Do each move for 30 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds before moving onto the next move. Do three circuits of the following 6 moves. Then give the bonus round a go ahead!

P.S. – Day #6 is a rest day! We are almost there, so give Day #4 & #5 your all-out effort!

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