Reveal Those Abs With This 37 Minute Workout

Yesterday was all about breathing in the fresh Spring air, soaking in the sunshine & torching calories!9300c7fb08994e5e5c
If you are yearning for a simple, straight-to-the-point workout, check this out!

  1. Don’t forget to warm-up: Do some intervals of 10 reps of bodyweight squats and 10 reps of mountain climbers for two minutes.
  2. Make sure to throw on your running shoes, put on some blood pumping tunes, and hit the pavement!
  3. Run for 2 minutes at a moderately challenging pace. Choose a route that has some hills!
  4. After 2 minutes, stop, and do 5 push ups on the sidewalk.
  5. Run for another two minutes at a sprinting pace.
  6. Then stop, drop, and give me 5 more push ups on the sidewalk.
  7. Do these two intervals – 2 minute sprint paired with 5 push ups – until you hit 50 push ups total (8 more sets for a total of 10 sets of these two intervals).
  8. Now run for 1 minute at all-out effort (that you can maintain for 1 minute).
  9. Then stop & do 5 burpees (no push up, but add jump tuck).
  10. Run for another 1 minute at all-out effort, then stop & give me 5 more burpees with a jump tuck.
  11. Do these two intervals – 1 minute all-out effort run paired with 5 burpees – until you hit 50 burpees total (8 more sets for a total of 10 sets of these two intervals).
  12. Now……puke, and pat yourself on the back!

Eat Clean, Train Dirty!I didn’t puke, and you won’t either! Of course, please always modify any workout routine to your preference, skill level, and for your individual health & fitness goals. The best thing about this workout was that it was a perfect way to zone out after a long, hard day at work and bask in the sunshine of Spring….instead of being inside a stinky gym!

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