Brighten Someone Else’s Day – Don’t Take Everything So Seriously

In one of the most uncommon places to laugh, the workplace, make someone else laugh wholeheartedly. And guess what, you’ll laugh just as hard as them. Change your perspective on working. The more positive associations that you have with your workplace, the less stress and anxiety you will feel while working or thinking about work. And we all know that we can all use a little more laughter and happiness and a lot less stress and anxiety in our lives!
A wholehearted, full belly, long laugh. I try to make it a daily habit. At least once a day. Have you ever laughed so hard that your eyes shed tears? That’s what I’m talking about. Why? Well, why not?

We wake up in the morning to doomsday news, get to work and have to be serious all day, or “professional”, or “grown-ups”. We think about our finances, our futures and what they could hold or not hold for us, media infiltrates every part of our day with messages about not having enough or being enough….so, THAT is why we need to laugh.

I find that laughing helps give us a reality check, it resets us and realigns us with what really matters. It helps clear our minds of all the negative messages that we receive throughout the day and fills our souls with positivity. Chemically, laughter causes the release of Serotonin, a mood boosting hormone, and hey, it even burns some calories!

If you can’t find something funny to laugh about, create it. This morning, I was feeling a bit anxious because I just returned from a long weekend vacation and wasn’t ready for the daily grind. When I arrived at work, the perfect equation presented itself to me, and I took it!

Unicorn Head Mask

Yes, that is me. And no, that isn’t a unicorn head photo-shopped on my body. I’m wearing a unicorn head mask. I ordered the mask on amazon for two reasons…to wear in a race that I’m in this Sunday and also because my sister and I have an inside joke about unicorns and I thought she’d love to see a pic of me wearing it. Well, now it was going to get an additional use because no one at work knew about this Unicorn Head Mask being delivered to me at work. So I took it out of the box, put it on, and I snuck down the hallway and slowly peaked my head around the corner at a co-worker sitting at her desk…and we both had an amazing laugh. It was the perfect start to our days. We proceeded to take some action shots of me, and I shared them via text with my sister, who also had a great laugh.

That fantastic laugh stayed with me all day and totally changed my day around for the better. Yes, at work you do need to be serious and professional, but have a little fun with your co-workers when the situation presents itself to you and is appropriate. It won’t only brighten your day, but it will brighten the day of someone else too, and who knows…that someone else may just pay-it-forward and brighten the day of another person too!

Go-ahead, laugh a little!

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