One Lovely Blog Award!

So I was nominated for the ‘One Lovely Blog’ Award! I feel so honored! Emily, from Emily Cooks Vegan nominated me so make sure to check out her amazing blog:). I am so glad that my blog is ‘touching’ the lives of others, as this is my goal!
I hope to keep posting as many videos, pictures (I’m going to try to get better at picture taking lol), and ‘challenges’ as possible to help reach out to the internet community world wide and assist others in improving their overall wellbeing!

Once you’re nominated, you’re supposed to follow instructions to nominate other blogs:

  • Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
  • Paste the award image on your blog, anywhere.
  • Tell them 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 other blogs you like for this award.
  • Post a comment on each of your nominees’ blogs telling them about the nomination.
  • Resume blogging your regular posts.

Seven Facts About Me:

  1. My favorite past time is hula-hooping in my back yard to dance music.
  2. I love the heat, summer, spring & if I had the choice would probably never turn on my Air Conditioner.
  3. I really want to go dance-walking, but haven’t gotten the balls to do so yet!
  4. I could eat buckwheat groats, raw cacao powder & currants for breakfast everyday for the rest of my life.
  5. When I do sprint runs, I picture the girl from ‘The Ring’ chasing me, that movie still scares the crap out of me…
  6. I have a little dog, mix between shitzu & bichon, that I call ‘Chunkita’ and I really have no idea why I call her that…
  7. I have a mild allergy to peanuts, but sometimes I like to eat a peanut just to see what happens, and then I remember how horrible they make me feel, yet somehow I always ‘test’ it out a few months down the road again…i should probably stop doing this.

15 Blogs I Nominate:

  1. Emily Cooks Vegan
  2. Healthful Pursuit
  3. Healthy Happy Life
  4. Natural Body Makeover
  5. Rawified
  6. Two Peas & Their Pod
  7. Fragrant Vanilla Cake
  8. This Rawsome Vegan Life
  9. For the Love of Food
  10. RawDemption
  11. Pure2Raw
  12. Choosing Raw
  13. Nourishing Flourishing
  14. My New Roots
  15. Oh She Glows

Thanks to all you bloggers and readers out there. The internet may disconnect us from the ‘real’ world at times, but it also connects us with people in ways that wouldn’t be possible otherwise!

XO, Nat

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