Kettlebell 360 Challenge

Perform 2 Rounds of the exercises below! If you can, push yourself and add in the Russian Twist at the end of round 2 for some extra burn! Good Luck, Comments appreciated!1. Double KB Thrusters (25 R)
2. Double Hand KB Swing (30 R)
3. KB Push Ups (20 R)
4. KB Windmills (15R/Side)
5. Double KB Deadlift to Squat Thrust (20 R)
6. KB Bent-Over Rows (15R/Arm)
7. KB Alternating Side Leg Raise (20 R)
8. KB Crab Pass (5R/Each Way)
*20 reps – KB Russian Twist – end of 2nd round!

This is a Time Challenge, try to do 2 rounds of these exercises as fast as possible with good form! Enjoy!

Let me know how it went for you and any questions you have:)


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