Beginner Kettlebell Workout!

Here is a video from one of my 30 Day Challenges, you can utilize this in your own personal challenge as well! This video is a great workout no matter what your skill level. Push yourself to your max and you will feel the burn, I promise! This is an instructional video on how to perform each kettlebell exercise. Perform 2 rounds of the following 10 exercises. KB = Kettlbell; R = Reps.1. KB Swing (20-30 R)
2. KB Split Squat/Bulgarian Split Squat (10-15 R/leg)
3. KB Push Ups (10-15 R)
4. KB Reverse Lunge, Rotate (10-15 R/leg)
5. KB Clams (20 R)
6. KB Hip Raise on feet or ball (20 R)
7. KB Russian Twist (15 R)
8. KB 1-Leg Deadlift (15-20 R/leg)
9. KB Plank Rows (10-15 R/arm)
10. KB Halos (10 R/each way)

Let me know how it went for you and any questions you have:)


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